User Experience & Product Design

User Experience & Product Design

Whether your users are consumers of a product or government employees, everyone deserves good design. It likely won’t take you long to think of an example of a frustrating, poorly designed gov/edu web application. We turn that notion on its head with in-house designers who help make our software simple, usable, accessible, and attractive.

We do this by always starting with product objectives that allow us to explore user experience design solutions while ensuring that interfaces always deliver on critical metrics for your business.

Some organizations have back end development teams who handle the nuts and bolts, but lack front end design and development skills. While we’re a full-stack software provider, we also work with companies who have the back end under control but need their application designed for, well, humans. We can build full-blown JavaScript applications that interface with your systems over whatever APIs you provide to us, and we’ll make them look great and easy to use.

Our in-house designers are interaction experts with experience designing powerful interactions on a variety of devices across a wide range of users. Everything from designing hardware interface screens designed not to be touched to aid in inventory management process efficiencies to completely seamless mobile and web handoff experiences in a healthcare setting, our UX designers work to make your application marry function with beauty. From sketches to wireframing to prototyping MVP concepts to final production design, we work closely with you to ensure your vision looks as good as it performs.

Looking for a development partner with a solid track record of solving complex user experience challenges? Contact us early in your discovery process and we can help you find the right team for your needs.

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