Which Dev Shop is Right for me

Finding the best development shop for your needs can be a challenge, but with arming yourself with these questions can help you navigate the waters with confidence.

Do they offer in-house app design and development?

Software benefits greatly by having both design and development under the same roof to ensure user experience is central to all technical decisions. Your application should feel intuitive and delightful to use, while simultaneously performing to the standards your audience expects; a combination best achieved by bringing together these skillsets.

Will they act as your strategic consultant along the way?

Software development requires a sound, trusted partnership between yourself and the shop of your choosing to ensure decisions are made in the best interest of your business. With a strategic advisor at the helm, you can feel certain that your project will stay on its course and only make corrections when absolutely necessary, saving you time and money in the long term. Learn about what makes for a great partnership with us.

Do they make their pricing completely transparent?

Budget is always the hardest to nail down with complex software projects. Thankfully, we make it easy to understand what to expect to spend by working with us (you can read about how we bill and what adds cost).

Do they have a rapid prototyping process?

Getting an idea off the ground can be the biggest hurdle to starting your software development project; which is why we start all projects off with a Product Design Workshop. This 5-10 day workshop brings together your team and ours to identify your industry challenges, learn more about your audiences, and identify high-value user workflows that we then use to deliver UX-centered designs frequently to your team. This process allows us to spend the right amount of time exploring your business challenge and working together toward a user-focused product prototype that leads nicely into principal development.

Do they employ a dedicated, on-site quality assurance team?

Good code doesn't just happen; it requires a framework and commitment to quality that's best taken on by a dedicated quality assurance team. With many options out there for achieving high-quality code that's less prone to error, you can lean on our years of experience finding the right balance of manual and automated testing to ensure better performance and fewer production problems. Learn more about our approach to QA.

Do they use a 100% US-based team?

We proudly employ a team of designers, developers, product managers, and quality assurance engineers located entirely in the US.

Will they dedicate a team fully to your project?

Instead of jumping around between many projects, our teams are dedicated to a single project at a time giving you the benefit of increased productivity typically lost from frequent context switching. You'll get to know your team and experience the benefits of deep understanding of your industry and objectives and you'll be able to feel the difference it makes in the quality of your end-product.

Go on, see how we compare. In fact, here's a PDF of these questions that you can reference when looking for the right shop for your needs.

Chris Cardinal
Chris Cardinal
Chris Cardinal is a founding principal of Synapse Studios. His primary focus is on business development but enjoys helping architect software solutions for clients.

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