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Writing for UX

Six tips for using words to improve user loyalty, conversions and satisfaction.

5 min read

What Adds Cost

Understanding the complexity of software development and what adds cost so you can budget effectively.

2 min read

QA In Development

Increase code quality and end-user happiness with a dedicated QA team who automates smartly

3 min read

Launching your Product

A flawless product launch requires upfront planning and a customer-focused go-to-market launch strategy.

3 min read

How We Bill

A crystal-clear look at how we bill for our services so you’re never surprised.

7 min read

Being a Great Client

During initial consultation with a new client, they asked something I’ve never been asked in over a decade of developing software for hire:

9 min read

Which Dev Shop is Right for me

Finding the best development shop for your needs can be a challenge, but with arming yourself with these questions can help you navigate the waters with confidence.

2 min read

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