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Your Agile Development Model Probably Hasn’t Reached Full Maturity Yet

Agile software development methodology adoption at your technology company is the key to staying competitive, but many companies that think they’ve reached agile maturity still have a long way to go.

7 min read

7 Steps to Ensure an Effective Business Process Audit for Software Development

When making the decision to invest in software designed to improve operational efficiencies or reduce costs, learn how to start with an audit of your current processes to identify and reduce risks.

5 min read

Why Context Switching Is the Enemy of Quality in Software Development

When developers constantly shift between projects, it impacts their ability to solve complex problems. Here are the benefits of avoiding context switching.

4 min read

What Is Technical Debt, Why Should You Care, and How Can You Manage It?

Technical debt's the quality sacrifice you make for faster software development speed. Here's how Synapse helps you manage it prudently.

4 min read

Quality Assurance Outsourcing Done Right: The Risks of Offshoring

There are many ways to incorporate quality into your software development testing plans. Learn more about how to form effective partnerships when outsourcing these important efforts.

2 min read

Which Dev Shop is Right for me

Finding the best development shop for your needs can be a challenge, but with arming yourself with these questions can help you navigate the waters with confidence.

2 min read

How We Bill

A crystal-clear look at how we bill for our services so you’re never surprised.

9 min read

Launching your Product

A flawless product launch requires upfront planning and a customer-focused go-to-market launch strategy.

3 min read

What Adds Cost

Understanding the complexity of software development and what adds cost so you can budget effectively.

2 min read

Being a Great Client

During initial consultation with a new client, they asked something I’ve never been asked in over a decade of developing software for hire:

7 min read

QA In Development

Increase code quality and end-user happiness with a dedicated QA team who automates smartly

2 min read

Writing for UX

Six tips for using words to improve user loyalty, conversions and satisfaction.

5 min read

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