Product Management & Product Discovery

Product Management & Product Discovery

Product Management Consulting for Solving Complex Business Challenges with Software

Whether you’re exploring ideas that you hope to shake up an entire industry or you have a legacy system that’s slowing down your team, our Product Managers work to solve your most pressing problems. Acting as business advisors, we quickly learn your business or audience and work to answer questions quickly with real user feedback and minimum-viable-product (MVP) roadmap development. Software is typically the single biggest expense a company will take on, and this decision to build software should not be taken lightly. Our product managers are expert business consultants who advise on product development strategy that aligns with realistic business goals and objectives to ensure strong ROI. This allows your organization to add on an integrated product org obsessed with delivering on the product promise and user experience to back it up.

Paired with analytics to ensure every decision to build software is backed by the data to support its effectiveness, your product manager acts as an extension of your business that’s ready to support your business needs long into the future. Our average customer stays with us for several years and most continue to work with us in a support capacity for many years beyond. We take pride in our long term partnerships with clients and structure our product management organization to ensure value is always being delivered to your user while optimizing development efforts to minimize technical debt to keep systems healthy and functional, all in coordination with larger company objectives.

We offer product management standard on all development projects and, given our unique position as a software engineering consultancy, we also offer Product Management as a Service for other development teams in need of PM support.

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