Bob Eagan

Managing Partner

Bob Eagan Bob has fostered his entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. After his introduction to the world of technology as a HTML developer for a prominent Chicago web firm during the dotcom boom, Bob felt compelled to venture out on his own. He formed his first company while still in high school, learning the ins and outs of the business world along the way. He received a generous grant from North Central College for his involvement with SIFE that allowed him to continue to operate his business while attending their campus. When he could take the winters no more, he decided to sell off his company and move out west to Arizona. After acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (cum laude) from Arizona State's W.P. Carey School of Business, building off of the experience from his first company Synapse Studios continues to exceed his expectations and goals each year.

While working with the Arizona Department of Transportation, Bob received a certificate of special recognition from Governor Janet Napolitano. He was also appointed as an observer of the Government Open Code Collaborative representing ADOT.

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We're proud to announce our Ask category: where we take your toughest (or easy) web development, design and code questions and give them our best shot. Ask us anything in the world of web, today.

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