Canopy: PHP5 Coding Framework

Synapse Studios has also developed a core set of technologies which help streamline the development process, ensure consistency throughout a project's codebase, make said codebase considerably more maintainable and make goals like database and platform agnosticism easier to achieve.

Our primary development framework called Canopy is based around PHP 5. It allows our developers to quickly and easily write clean, functional code and reduces the complexity of many common challenges that occur during the course of development.

Innovations included in Canopy:

  • Messaging Middleware - abstract PHP and JavaScript class and methods for sending and receiving messages within a software and between applications and platforms
  • Object Relational Mapping - a collection of classes and methods allow flexible use of relational databases through a unified PHP interface
  • Platform - A unified controller featuring:
    • Plugins - you can write smaller, self-contained code as a plugin, which is easier to maintain and develop and which is also reusable
    • Settings - allows for easy-to-edit settings files that are not part of the codebase
    • Axon - allows for defining CSS, JS, and PHP resources as package names and allows for the fast inclusion of those resources through the platform
    • Display - automatically verifies syntax of HTML documents and also acts as a fast templating solution allowing for unified template naming in both JavaScript and PHP
  • Features optimization (via APC) for faster PHP interactions
  • Loader allows for lazy reading of include files to minimize resources used.


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