Some of our projects we've done on the side.

When we aren't building for clients, we bring our ideas to life.

We're active developers and contributors to our programming framework of choice, Kohana. Our team has also built several personal projects, including the following:


Threadcakes is an online cake-baking concept dreamed up by Chris Cardinal. The idea is to design and bake a cake based on one of the many t-shirt designs from online t-shirt retailer The concept may sound strange, but Threadless has over 2,000 community-supplied designs, so the material is fresh and varied and the participation is fierce. Threadcakes 2009 had over 300,000 visitors and over 600 entries submitted, with over 9,000 cake images uploaded.


Give-a-Weigh is the brain child of Jeremy Lindblom. Jeremy came up with the concept of merging weight loss with charitable giving, in a manner similar to a typical per-mile walking pledge program. Donors were encouraged to pledge a certain amount per pound of weight lost and were able to track the participant's progress online and submit their pledge payments. The initial run was something of a trial, but we expect Jeremy to develop the website as a platform that will allow other users and groups to run their own weight-loss pledge programs online.


Who's using Synapse Software?

Herhsey's Discount Tire / America's Tire Troon Golf
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Synapse on the side:

Threadcakes Cake Competition Give-a-weigh Charity Weight Loss Fundraiser