What is a web application, anyway?

A web application is a software package that has been designed to let you and your customers, employees and clients get work done and interact with your business 24 hours a day, from anywhere with internet access.

The internet has evolved rapidly in the past decade, to understate things. What was once a place to do research and share ideas over text has transformed into a place to do basic business and to explain a little about your business. Since then, it's shifted to become a platform upon which you can accomplish almost anything traditional software can do. The differences between regular software and web application are numerous:

  • Applications can be built to your exact specification and can be built to accomplish precisely what you want from them. Before, you had to find an off-the-shelf solution and shift your business and processes to work around the software. With web applications, the software works around you.
  • Users no longer need to download or maintain an installation. When you release an update, it is released on the web and the user experiences the changes instantly. This results in reduced maintenance costs and reduced downtime.
  • Web applications store their data centrally in a secure database that provides multiple levels of redundancy. You no longer have to count on your employees to perform timely backups or worry about compromising client data if a laptop is stolen. With the latest technologies, databases have become essentially hacker-proof and highly secure.
  • Custom software saves money. That's the long and short of it. Because you have the power to automate highly specific parts of your business, and to ensure that all the work is performed exactly as needed, fewer items slip through the cracks, long and tedious processes take dramatically less time and less human error all mean you save money.
  • With a web-based solution, your application can be made available to you anywhere there's an internet connection. For highly sensitive applications, access can be restricted to a physical location, like your office.
  • A capable development firm can help identify ways to save you time and money you may not have even thought of. We frequently suggest new approaches to complex problems our customers are having and build the software to support our solutions. Because you're involved every step of the way, it truly feels as if your software gets you.


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