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An in-depth look at some of our successes

We've compiled a few case studies highlighting the work we've done in some of our larger projects. If you'd like to explore some of our website design work instead, take a visual tour through some of our favorite creations by visiting our Portfolio.

Animal Collection Company

Animal Tracking & Collection System

In 2007, Synapse Studios was approached with an interesting project: The owner of an animal collection company wanted an easy way to assign agents in the field to animal pickups while offering the solution to other animal collection companies. The solution provided required groundbreaking innovation with online web-based software and its ability to gracefully handle a lost connection without losing data.

Data Warehousing Client

Configurable Reporting System

In 2007, a data warehousing company approached Synapse Studios with the intent of having a comprehensive reporting system developed. Many of the data points they collect throughout their businesses processes can be drilled down in dozens of ways. They needed an easy way to organize and deliver this data on demand by users of all stripes.

Arizona Department of Transportation

Motor Vehicle Division Fuel Supplier Management System

The Arizona MVD maintains a list of Fuel Suppliers subject to the state's Fuel taxes. These taxes are tracked by county and the Fuel Suppliers list includes detailed contact information for each supplier and additional details. The system as it existed was built in an aging and bloated Microsoft Access database. Click below to learn more about the challenges this project presented, our approach and the end results.

Rebate Fulfillment Company

Rebate Fulfillment System

Our client required a comprehensive Rebate Fulfillment System, including a web-based front- and back-end, invoicing, data entry, check printing and data warehousing solutions. A Rebate Fulfillment System developed by Synapse Studios has come to securely and accurately process and print millions of dollars of rebates a year exclusively through our web-based software solution while tracking and warehousing customer data for millions of users and over 65 million transactions.


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