Why choose Synapse Studios?

We're really, really, really good at this, for one thing

Choosing a team that's easy to work with and who understands you and your business is important in any relationship. When you're talking custom software, it's absolutely critical. You need a team that can anticipate your needs, asks the right questions and is always thinking several steps ahead. We develop with every aspect of your application in mind and we pride ourselves at being very good at thinking of something you may have missed.

It's not enough to simply find a developer or designer who can build what you've asked for. A great web company should know what's missing and propose solutions you haven't even thought of. It also helps if they have a solid track record of developing intricate and innovative applications and well-designed interfaces.

We're both a web development and web design firm. Take a look at our Case Studies to get a complete look at some of the custom software projects we've worked on for our clients. Or take a look at our Website Design Portfolio and get a feel for our design chops.

We don't just build software...

We build relationships.

Synapse Studios offers complete web application development services alongside high-level technology consulting services. Our web application development offerings include support and development through the entire product lifecycle, including conception, problem identification, strategic planning, design, development, implementation and further maintenance and support.

We recognize critical business process bottlenecks by taking a big picture view of a system and identifying areas potentially benefited by custom software. And then we build it.

We have worked hard to establish long-lasting relationships with all of our key clients that continue today, building new functionality into existing systems and identifying other core areas of concern whose processes can be streamlined significantly through the use of custom-built web based applications.


Who's using Synapse Software?

Herhsey's Discount Tire / America's Tire Troon Golf
Arizona State Board for Charter Schools Arizona Department of Transportation: Motor Vehicle Division Gila River Casinos

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