Chris Cardinal

Managing Partner

Chris Cardinal Chris has been a technology fanatic since he was 3, banging away at a Timex Sinclair in his parents' basement. Ever since then, his fascination with technology and computers have only continued to grow. On the internet since the days of Compuserve and antiquated bulletin board systems, he took a web design class in 5th grade that showed him the world of HTML and internet technology. He began his own web development venture, working for clients throughout high school. Shortly after graduating, he became a contributing author for (a popular weblog with 300,000 visitors daily) and helped run the site for six months. His natural talents for problem solving and analytical thinking emerged and he began to teach himself web programming and database theory.

His keen ability to identify solutions to complex problems and to always suggest a fresh approach to existing challenges allows him to frequently impress clients in his role as business analyst and project manager. (Or so he's been told.) A solid programming background allows him to effectively communicate with his programmers and to work with them to develop the best solutions possible. Coupled with a business partner who possesses a complementary skill-set, they tend to operate on the same wavelength and share a common vision: Have fun, amaze customers, grow the business.

In his spare time, he's an avid drummer, sometimes-author and horrible topiarist.

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Two-for-one:'s Socially Engineered Replacement Order Scam

Amazon has a shocking gap in their customer service authentication protocol that allows for people to "re-order" your stuff, shipped to them for free, on your behalf.

Posted on December 17, 2012 by Chris CardinalRead more »

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