We're a web application development firm.

We love what we do, and we think you'll agree we're pretty darn good at it.

Are you an established company?
We focus on creating web-based software that revolves around your business. Our software releases you from the evil clutches of Excel spreadsheets and Access databases. Don't get us wrong—Excel is a powerful tool, and Access works for small-scale projects. But when your company starts to grow and you're maintaining Excel workbooks with 60,000 rows that only one person can access at a time, or you're constantly having to use Access' "Repair and Compact" function, it's time to move on to a Synapse Studios-built solution.

Are you a startup?
We work with startup founders to take their idea and turn it into reality. When you work with us, you'll find we're different. We offer genuine feedback on your concept and business plan, and help you identify the minimum viable product: the smallest set of features we can develop and have a working, marketable product in your hands.

Other companies will do exactly what you ask. We take things a step further and make sure you're asking for the right things. When developing a web-based startup, there are any number of questions you haven't even begun to consider. We make sure we think through every necessary point and offer our guidance from years of experience doing just that. Oh, and we deliver a pretty fantastic product at the end of all that.

Solutions as individual as you.

Over time, you've built your business processes to be uniquely yours. It's what sets you apart and what makes you different. We embrace the idea that a company doesn't want to re-engineer their entire process simply to fit a piece of bloated software that costs too much and doesn't do what they need. And if you're a startup, chances are you have something special that sets you apart. We'll help leverage that and build on your idea.

So we build our software around you using our five phase development process.

Accessible anywhere, secure everywhere.

Oh, and one more thing: All of our solutions work on the web so there's never any software to install, and you can access them in a secure environment wherever there's an internet connection. Pretty cool, huh?
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Who's using Synapse Software?

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