We want to develop a complete understanding of your business, inside and out.

We start by interviewing the people who will use our solutions, to gain a better perspective on what will work for them.

Playing the role of fly on the wall, we'll get to know what drives your business and how you get things done. Armed with this info, we can attack your bottlenecks and process issues head on, suggesting new approaches that only custom software can provide you.


Our smart, beautiful applications will make you really smile.

It's not enough to simply understand code or the business of our clients. A beautiful and comfortable interface is required if we expect anyone to ever use the software we make.

Fortunately, we live, sleep and breathe beautiful design. Working closely with you to put everything exactly where you expect it, we add a visual flair that makes our software easy on the eyes and almost, dare we say, fun to use.


From our minds to your doorstep.

Implementation can be a complex and tricky beast. Other companies will drop an incomplete solution at your doorstep and disappear. We believe that our work isn't finished until you're absolutely thrilled, so we'll work with you to ensure that the software delivered exceeds your expectations. We also provide comprehensive training materials and we'll teach your users how to start using their new software. The great thing about our applications? It doesn't take long for your users to just get it.

Our model for success:

Simple. Effective. Brilliant.

Synapse Studios' development process is outlined below in order to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the services provided as part of our web application development efforts. This process is built around the philosophy of forming strategic partnerships with our clients and truly functioning as a team.

Solidified through years of experience, this five-phase process has helped Synapse Studios achieve the successful completion of projects on budget and within the timeline specified.

Communication & Progress Reporting

Rest easy knowing that we are hard at work for you

Throughout the course of a project, the Project Manager will contact the client-side project lead on a regular basis to report on progress made and any issues that have arisen. This will occur with a frequency of at least once per week, with additional calls as needed.

Meetings and conferences for development projects typically have the following schedule:

  • Weekly: Status report
  • Monthly: Synapse Studios Project Manager and the client-side project lead discuss progress and next steps
  • Milestone Completion: Synapse Studios Project Manager and client-side project lead discuss completed milestone, take advanced look at next milestone and determine steps necessary to proceed


Who's using Synapse Software?

Herhsey's Discount Tire / America's Tire Troon Golf
Arizona State Board for Charter Schools Arizona Department of Transportation: Motor Vehicle Division Gila River Casinos

Synapse on the side:

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